Onsite Conferences

Special Diet Food & Elderly Nutrition Forum


Organized by Shanghai Society of Food Science, the forum will discuss topics on "Healthy China 2030" Blueprint, nutritional big data, regulatory standards, clinical issues, future trends, and elderly health protection.

Diabetes Nursing, Diabetic Diet and Lifestyle Seminar


The seminar will explore new ideas, new methods and new skills for diabetes nursing management, and share with you the expertise to improve and suppress diabetes.

Educational Training for Organic Products Certification


The training will provide detailed lectures on the development of the organic industry, national organic product standards, key technologies for organic soil fertilization, and key technologies for the prevention and control of organic diseases, insects and weeds.

International Food Traders Match-making at Free Trade Zone


In order to match overseas producers with corresponding International importers, different activities and face-to-face meetings could be set up respectively. Likewise, it is suggested to invite large groups of international traders to visit the show and directly talk with the exhibitors in person or, it could be even more convenient and efficient, go to the FREE TRADE ZONE directly with the committee.

2020 Health Industry Cross-border E-commerce /High-end Chain Supermarkets (Natural/Organic) Match-makings


Online and offline combinations have become the most essential way for traditional retailers to transform and upgrade. There is no difference for domestics or overseas enterprises, they will all be expanding online ecommerce channels, while they consistently maintain the traditional offline marketing. To aim at the above industrial development trend, the organizers has planned to scheme the “the Cross-border E-commerce Match-making”, and we insistently invite different large E-commerce platforms, cross-border ecommerce distributors and WeChat merchants to meet these overseas exhibitors for potential cooperation.
Meanwhile, to assist overseas exhibitors to extend the Offline Distribution Channels in a better way, HNO will also organize the “High-end Chain Supermarkets Match-making”, pointedly invite the purchase departments from the national well-known supermarkets, like Carrefour, Walmart, RT-Mart, Century Mart, Ole’, Greenland, Vanguard and Fresh Hema etc., come to meet the exhibitors in person for further business negotiation.

2020 Belt and Road Global Plant-Based Industry Conference -- Vegetarian (China) Health Forum


In order to promote the widespread application of plant-based ingredients, plant proteins and other products in food, the forum will invite international experts in plant-based fields to share about environmental protection, animal protection, plant-based food technology, and plant-based product markets. At the same time, the “2020 Miles Riding” national large-scale public welfare activity launching ceremony and the “Vegetarian” enterprise awarding ceremony will be held.
The organizer will select relevant manufacturing companies to meet with one-on-one leaders of major supermarkets and drug stores to provide the most convenient and efficient business platform for both suppliers and buyers.